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VEGLAM was designed with one main goal in mind.
A beauty line that will bring out the confidence and beauty within you, while taking into consideration the natural ingredients delivered to us by Mother Nature. Providing you with a one of a kind luxurious feel.

We provide professional vegan hair care for private individuals and professionals. All haircare products are produced in USA, animal-friendly and free from sulfates and parabens. Discover our vegan hair care collections online!

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Our Products

1. For All Hair Types

We deliver truly transformational and customized care, focused on the foundational health and treatment of all type of hair and scalp by creating unique products that our clients actually need.

2. Harmful Toxins Free

Our products are Sulfates, Silicons and Parabens Free due to its disruptive effect on homone production and tissue growth (tumors). Instead we use Plant-based surfactants, Natural Oil extracts and Safe Stabilizers that give us the expected result without harming our health.

3. Safe, Vegan Formulas

We are committed to creating formulas that are clean and safe to use every day so as to benefit the long-term health of people. Naturally clean and 100% vegan products to empower any hair type texture is what VEGLAM promises.

4. Animal-Friendly

Cenzi Beauty products are cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny) and completely vegan. So, we cautiously care about avoiding any living being damage when producing our collections.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Laura

The Dominican Republic ingenious mind behind this empowered journey.


1. Argan oil

Conditioning. Our natural product extracts are proven to deliver real results. As an ingredient this oil provides extensive conditioning to combat dryness and diminish frizz.

2. Acai extract

Antioxidant. One of our powerful basic ingredients is Acai due to its antioxidants, vitamins & minerals gifts to support healthy hair.

3. Bamboo Leaf extract

Hair Health. A beautiful hair is the reflect of a healthy scalp. VEGLAM products are designed to care your hair health from inside. The Bamboo leaf extract nourishes, replenish and supports your hair conditions.

4. Coconut Oil

Protection. This extract penetrates the hair shaft to seal in moisture and protect against future breakage.